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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed, during the last three decades, an unprecedented great leap and development in the industrial, technological and construction fields. This has been accompanied also by many strategies, plans and future visionary thinking in many vital areas. All of these strategies and plans are designed to effect certain economic and social changes. One of these great changes is to turn the Saudi society into a modern information society by adopting specific strategies and plans; one of these is the national plan of the telecommunications and information technology.


This tremendous movement and development in technical systems and programs has presented us with new concepts in both public and private sectors of the economy, among these is what known as smart systems and or smart buildings. Such projects or systems need the design and implementation of new and advanced multipurpose telecommunication networks and information technology systems including wired and wireless telecommunications and computer networks, access systems and CCTV networks together with the required soft and hardware that is compatible with and relevant to such stage of social and economic development.


All the above mentioned developments have created an encouraging climate for investments in the various fields. Specialized companies have been organized to help these developmental efforts.


What has been said above has set the stage for conceptualizing the establishment of Digital Pyramid as a specialized national firm specialized in providing the best proposals and solutions in the design and implementation of the most advanced telecommunications and information technology systems, networks as well as the CCTV systems and networks. DP can also implement electronic and electromechanical projects and support systems. The greatest strategic objective of DP is to help and contribute with the government towards the great transformation of DP the Saudi society into information society and to continually improve and upgrade its services to achieve the best possible customers' satisfaction.

  • Digital Pyramid an exclusive agent for Inmobly Inc.
    Digital Pyramid Co. signed an exclusive agency agreement with Inmobly Inc. the leading CDN provider in USA. Inmobly is the owner of the proactive CDN solution and has patents on it. This agreement will be harnessed to participate in reducing the wireless network congestions.
    Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) approved Digital Pyramid as an official contractor

    Digital Pyramid Co. had been qualified as an official contractor for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for the transmission sector. Digital pyramid now is one of the national specialized firms in the building power planets. The qualification phase passed many assessment steps including evaluation of technical team, tools and Machines as well as previous experience. The assessment reveals the professionalism of Digital pyramid.